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Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are at an all-time high and have been increasing at unprecedented rates in all age groups in North America and globally.

0 +
Million new STI infections in 2016, globally
0 +
Million new STI cases in 2018, in the US
50- 0 %
of people with an STI are asymptomatic and may unwittingly expose others to infection.

 STIs are estimated to cost the U.S health care system

$16 Billion annually

Youth are particularly at risk due to a high rate of infection and lack of access to testing and care.

1/2 of all new STI cases

are among those under the age of 25.

1 in 2 sexually active individuals

under the age of 25 will be infected with an STI.

Only 1 in 8 youth

have been tested in the past year.

This lack of access to testing/care may be due to multiple factors:

  • Youth may not have easy access to their primary care provider (e.g. living at college away from home)

  • 51% are uncomfortable discussing sexual health issues and prefer the anonymity of third-party care

  • 49% of primary care providers do not initiate a discussion about STI testing with their young patients.

This rise in STIs is consistent with popularity of dating apps, decreased condom use, disease complacency (e.g. HIV, AIDS) and generic, low-priced erectile-dysfunction medications.

Antimicrobial Resistance is an emerging global threat.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) stated that one of the greatest public health challenges of our time is antibiotic resistance.

2.8 Million

people annually in the U.S. are affected by antibiotic-resistant infections.


 people dying
as a result of those infections.

$20 - $35 Billion

in financial health costs.

It is no surprise that fighting this threat is a public health priority.

A main barrier to the adoption of point-of-care tests for STIs has been the concern of antibiotic resistance believed to be exacerbated by blindly or unnecessarily prescribing drugs which, in addition to being ineffective treatment options, may promote greater resistance.

How is Chipcare Helping?

  • Chipcare is developing a comprehensive, cost-effective, and rapid platform to test for STIs and antibiotic resistance in a point-of-care setting, in an effort to ensure proper prescriptions for antibiotics, effective treatment, reduced disease transmission, decreased cost to patients and payers and improved patient outcomes. 
  • Chipcare’s game-changing POC diagnostic platform will address the lack of comprehensive STI testing in the clinic setting while promoting antibiotic stewardship.
  • Multiplexed molecular detection of predominant, immediately treatable STIs and antibiotic resistance markers, simultaneously, on single-use disposable cartridges.
  • Results from non-invasive, self-collected samples (such as swabs and urine) are generated within 30 minutes so that, within a single visit, an individual testing positive can be prescribed effective treatment.
  • In the long term, Chipcare’s platform will contribute to a reduction in infection transmission as patients will not be lost to follow-up, and promoting antibiotic stewardship, as clinicians will be able to make informed treatment decisions.


Clinical numbers have been taken from the 2018 Annual STI Report from the CDC. https://www.cdc.gov/std/stats18/default.htm

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