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Use our multi-functional, multiplexed, automated flow-based fluorescent imager to meet your research needs

ChipCare’s polyvalent analyzer’s (PAx) patented detection method mimics and miniaturizes principles of imaging flow cytometry, microfluidics and bead array diagnostic methods for analyte detection into a portable platform that can leverage off-the-shelf chemistries for rapid assay menu expansion, novel assay development, and screening.


Conduct a variety of cell-based assays, immunoassays and molecular assays

Simultaneously detect numerous targets / biomarkers

Develop custom assays for your research

Sensitivity comparable to flow cytometers, ELISA, etc.

Shelf-stable, disposable, microfluidic cartridges - No refrigeration required

No cross-contamination, Easy maintenance, User-friendly

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Perform multiple key assay classes, including cell surface markers, proteins and nucleic acids, using our disposable, microfluidic cartridges to ensure no cross-contamination and easy maintenance.

Molecular Assays


Cell-based Assays

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Our platform usage

Use ChipCare’s platform for a variety of research applications:


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